Truvelo Group wins ‘Fastest Growing Company’ award


During the Business Excellence Forum and Awards conference held from 5-6 November 2015, Truvelo received the ‘Fastest Growing Company’ award. The Business Excellence Forum and Awards is an international business awards conference sponsored by Action Coach Business Coaching, and this prize was awarded to this group of companies, as Truvelo showed a significant growth in turnover and profits within the last financial year.

The Truvelo Group consists of Truvelo Manufacturers (which in turn includes the Electronics and Armoury Divisions) and Truvelo Africa.

Truvelo Manufacturers’ main function is to design, develop, manufacture, install, service and market the Truvelo range of traffic-related equipment for traffic law enforcement and vehicle data gathering. Truvelo’s products are manufactured mainly for police and traffic departments, local and state governments’ law enforcement agencies, civil engineers and road construction agencies.

Truvelo established its Armoury Division in 1994, when it entered into the field of rifle and barrel manufacturing. The unique manufacturing process resulted in the development of a combination of a Truvelo barrel range with sophisticated precision sniper rifle technology. The proud result of this combination is Truvelo’s range of highly accurate, long-range rifles with calibres ranging from 7.62 x 51 to 20 x 110 Hispano.

Established in 2014, Truvelo Africa is the newest addition to the Truvelo Group of companies. Being 51% black-owned, Truvelo Africa concentrates its efforts on the African and South African markets.

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