Truvelo Armoury to launch new precision rifle product at HuntEx 2016


Internationally renowned barrel and high precision rifle manufacturer, Truvelo Armoury Division, will launch a new addition to its CMS Rifle Range, the Truvelo CMS 6,5×47, during this year’s HuntEx exhibition.

This lightweight and compact rifle boasts a weight of only 6kg (including telescope and magazine), with an overall length of 1 180mm. It will achieve sub MOA results at distances up to 500m. The effective range is 1 200m (ammunition dependent).

The 6.5×47 Lapua is a highly efficient round and it is extremely popular among competitors taking part in the PRS (Precision Rifle Series) in the USA. It provides the shooter with a wide variety of high-BC 6.5mm VLD style projectiles to choose from and powder capacity to achieve the velocity required for long-range shooting.

Superior ballistics and light recoil makes the 6.5x47L a winning recipe Also to be shown at HuntEx 2016 will be Truvelo’s new and improved Big 5 magnum hunting action. This receiver has been specifically designed and developed for the big 5-magnum calibres.

Visit the Truvelo stand #264, Hall 2 at HuntEx 2016, Gallagher Estate, from 14 April to 17 April to see these phenomenal new products, as well as to take advantage of a variety of product specials available during the show only.