Thales today unveils new Lightweight Multiple Launcher


The Lightweight Multiple Launcher New Generation (LML NG) system can be used on a tripod or vehicle mount and supports swift deployment of STARStreak and/or the Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM) systems. The system provides two ready-to-fire missiles, allowing it to handle saturation air attacks or provide a complementary surface-to-surface capability. The man-portable system is designed to suit a wide range of missions from lightweight rapid reaction roles to air droppable operations.

When using the STARStreak missile with it’s extremely fast time of flight, a variety of threats can be defeated from head-on or fast crossing aerial targets, to targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters. When used with the LMM, a capability is provided to enable the defeat of surface targets such as light armoured vehicles (LAVs), trucks and fixed installations and aerial targets such as UAVs. Both systems utilise Thales’ unique laser beam riding guidance system.

The LML NG provides a 24-hour surveillance asset consisting of TV and thermal imaging cameras. System architecture supports linkages to a command and control network, to radar or passive sensors for early target detection and auto-target tracking. Display of the command and control information can be provided to both the commander and the operator.

LML NG will be exhibited at DSEI on the Thales Stand S6-110.

Key points:
* Swift deployment on a tripod or vehicle mount.
* Supports target engagement using STARStreak or LMM.
* 24-hour capability.
Architecture to support:
* C2 coordinated weapon control;
* Auto-target tracking;
* Identification friend or foe; and
* Embedded training.

“This new launcher gives the operator a unique lightweight and highly deployable capability to react quickly against a wide variety of threats. LML NG perfectly complements the other state-of-the-art lightweight missile launchers in the Thales portfolio,” said Philip McBride, GM of Thales Advanced Weapon Systems activities in the UK.