Statement from Thales Board of Directors


At the meeting of the Board of Directors on 27 November 2014, Jean-Bernard Lévy, who has been appointed chairman and CEO of EDF, tendered his resignation to the company’s directors, and it was accepted.

The Board of Directors paid tribute to Jean-Bernard Lévy for the work he has accomplished since his appointment at the helm of Thales in 2012, particularly the implementation of a shared strategic ambition in order to return to profitable growth. The board also praised the results obtained in emerging markets as well as in terms of financial performance.

On the proposal of the French State and Dassault Aviation, the Board of Directors has appointed M Philippe Logak as acting chairman and CEO of Thales until the final decision is taken.

The French State, via the State Shareholdings Agency (APE), holds 26.39% of the Thales Group’s capital. Dassault Aviation holds 25.3%.