Qatar Armed Forces selects Thales SEARCHMASTER radar


Key points:

* Qatar Armed Forces chooses SEARCHMASTER radar to equip its Optionally Piloted Vehicles – Aircraft.
* The SEARCHMASTER meets all surveillance mission types and can be installed on all platform types.

At this year’s DIMDEX exhibition, the Qatar Armed Forces has announced a memorandum of understanding for the selection of the Thales’ SEARCHMASTER multi-role surveillance radar.

The radar will equip its Optionally Piloted Vehicles – Aircraft (OPV-A) and respond to its land and naval surveillance requirements.

This airborne radar, tailored to all platform types, meets the surveillance requirements of five mission types: Ground surveillance, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, maritime surveillance and tactical air support.

The SEARCHMASTER radar features an AESA active electronic scanning antenna, based on qualified technologies developed for the nose-mounted radar of the Rafale combat aircraft.