New, small TB3hp Tetra base station with high power inside


Airbus Defence and Space has unveiled its new high-power mini Tetra (terrestrial trunked radio) base station, the TB3hp, the world’s smallest of its kind. It provides up to 15W of radio frequency (RF) power with a very low power consumption of only 100W.

The high RF power enables a larger area to be covered with mission-critical communications in a more cost efficient way compared to other mini base stations. This could be particularly beneficial for filling coverage gaps or providing hotspot coverage in places where the normal network may not reach, such as underground car parks or tunnels.

The new base station provides radio access to the communication networks of all kinds of professional mobile radio (PMR) users. It can be adapted to the transmission network that is available by using conventional time-division multiplexing (TDM) and also Internet Protocol (IP) transmission. Like its sister, the TB3p, the new TB3hp base station from Airbus Defence and Space is approximately the size of a small suitcase. One person can easily carry it to the site, install it and set it up within minutes. It can be mounted on a wall or even used in a vehicle to provide rapid deployment coverage, guaranteeing the same complete reliability. Once up and running, it can be operated and maintained via a remote connection, without costly site visits.

It is suitable for establishing wide-area radio coverage, for standalone use or as part of a bigger Tetra network. It can also be used to provide coverage in areas with temporary radio network coverage needs.

Including the same powerful features as other TB3 series Tetra base stations from Airbus Defence and Space, the TB3hp base station is the latest addition to the comprehensive Tetra solution offering. It is available as a one- and two-carrier variant in multiple frequency bands. Deliveries will start in summer 2014.