SVI VPAM 7 test in preparation for Land Cruiser 300 armouring


At SVI engineering we take ballistic protection seriously. Although the EN1063 B6 standard covers the specification of the materials used in providing protection against the 7.62 x51 mm NATO round, it does not tell you the quality of the armouring job on a B6 vehicle.

Are there any weak points surrounding the cabin or even worse, ballistic gaps that would allow penetration during an attack?

One way to find out is to conduct independent testing according to the German VPAM 7 standard that stipulates protection criteria on a vehicle level. Therefore the complete armoured vehicle is subjected to a ballistic testing that primarily focuses on the possible weak areas of the vehicle for example the door and glass edges, door locks and air vents to name a few.

SVI has commissioned such a test on a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and the lessons learned are being implemented on future armouring solutions. The first being the brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 currently under development.

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