Streit’s corporate social responsibility


Streit Group has taken the initiative to perform its corporate social responsibility towards the community and sociocultural affected areas. Streit Group is one of largest armoured car manufacturers, with most of its military and commercial armoured vehicles in production targeting Africa and the Middle East deprived and affected market.

While saving lives of soldiers in war zones and making the country’s defence stronger with its robust products, Streit Group has launched some internal CSR programmes as part of its vision that will formulate, from now onwards, as Streit values, to be incorporated with its mission.

The idea is to make more quality vehicles by investing more in R&D that satisfies not only customers but also the employees with a healthy and safe working environment.

The CSR part of this plan of action will emphasise labour and human rights within an organisation, health and safety, supporting local communities, gender and nationality-based impartiality, education and food in countries by contributing from profits. So, the countries that will be buying from Streit Group will eventually become a part of this CSR programme that provokes the national interest factor and helps the community of that country.