STREIT Manufacturing calls for new contractors


STREIT Manufacturing, one of the world’s leading, privately owned armoured vehicle manufacturers, continues with its expansion plans and latest project to be built in Barrie. 2016 will see a new 75 000sqft, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

STREIT is calling for all contractors in the bidding process for Barrie facility, starting in December 2015. The updated timeline is set to break the ground in Spring 2016, with a completion date in December 2016.

* Total land size: 10.90 acres
* Total budget for new plant: 7.7 million USD
* Procurement from local market to support the Barrie surrounding area economy
* Production capacity: 80 vehicles per month
* 100 employees; new workers will be hired from Barrie area

” We are looking forward to reaching the next level in 2016 having achieved our targets in terms of production, delivery and revenue for 2015. As we keep meeting and exceeding our goals, we are able to keep on expanding our business, constantly identifying new areas of development for the group; one example is the recent opening of bespoke luxury vehicle showroom in Piccadilly – London. It will establish a new route towards the luxury sector with armoured cars being personalised in terms of design, performance and protection. Following a recent meeting with our board members, we are confident in terms of market growth and new market development with the upcoming office in Singapore, Asia and a new facility in Barrie,” said Guerman Goutorov, chairman of STREIT Group.

The recent achievement of the STREIT phase 2 development plan was marked by a new transparent armour factory capable of producing 600 units of ballistic glass per month, a new global distribution parts centre offering 150 000 square feet of built-up area, a bespoke research and development facility and a purpose-built international training centre. With continuous improvements and expansion, STREIT Group acquired 12 new laser machines in Ras Al Khaimah centre, featuring revolutionised fibre-optic technology and computerised laser guided cutting, allowing over 40% increase in production capacity to keep pace with the expansion of STREIT’s newest 6×6 and 8×8 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) range and new contracts.

STREIT Group has always believed in acknowledging and rewarding employee ingenuity, hard work, dedication and loyalty throughout its facilities, with employees numbering more than 2 000 people overall. In the second half of 2015, STREIT Group is confidently starting its phase 3 Armoring Technology Park Development.

STREIT aims to create a union with multiple third party manufacturers in order to share technology, innovation, R&D, logistics and talent. STREIT Group’s main focus is to partner with local and international suppliers and manufacturers to be more innovative and cost-effective; bringing its world-class quality to the next level. With more shared experience, STREIT will develop more customer-focused products that draw from a huge expertise pool from around the world, enabling the group to be more competitive in its pursuit of excellence. This co-operation will include partnerships with hi-tech companies, electrical and mechanical engineering companies, as well as joint collaboration on R&D with innovative start-up companies focused on the core of the business – protection and innovation.