Lamprell invests in SSI’s EnterprisePlatform for manufacturing automation


UAE-based offshore jack-up rig builder, Lamprell Energy, will implement SSI’s EnterprisePlatform software solution to allow its engineering team to automate manufacturing processes.

As one of the world’s leading constructors of new-build jack-up drilling rigs, Lamprell is continually seeking ways to increase efficiency. Lamprell is therefore investing in an innovative software application from SSI (developer of ShipConstructor software).

The immediate benefit will come from streamlining and automating Lamprell’s processes used to control robotic machinery on the production floor (eg, CNC profiling machines) based on information from the Engineering Department’s ShipConstructor-based product data model.

Lamprell will also initiate training and consultation with SSI’s expert business process analysts to determine expanded applications of the EnterprisePlatform solution.

SSI EnterprisePlatform is a new line of products from SSI that enables the enormous wealth of engineering information in a product data model, such as the ShipConstructor Marine Information Model (MIM), to be available across an organisation. This information can be efficiently shared with, and easily accessed by, multiple individuals, software applications and production equipment utilised in the marine construction process. This includes people, programs and processes outside of the Engineering Department. The SSI EnterprisePlatform generates information in the correct format and representation needed for varying use cases and brings a product-focused approach to enterprise-wide availability of engineering data that is cost-effective, scalable, configurable, consistent and transparent.

To learn more about integrating engineering with production machines, see SSI CTO Denis Morais’ Waveform Blog on this innovative CAD/CAM solution.