Indian naval architects choose ShipConstructor


Young, forward-thinking naval architects with a start-up firm in an emerging market like India could choose any shipbuilding CAD/CAM software since they are not tied down by old decisions. When it came time to select the best software for their needs, 21 Knots Design & Consulting in Mumbai chose SSI’s ShipConstructor software.

Marine Drafting Application

Of particular note, 21 Knots purchased SSI’s Marine Drafting application a program for creating 2D, associatively linked, AutoCAD based classification directly from the 3D model. This program will save 21 Knots time because when items in the 3D model change, the linked 2D AutoCAD drawings can be automatically updated.

21 Knots Design & Consulting

21 Knots is an emerging engineering, design and consulting firm catering to the global oil and gas and maritime industry. It currently provides services from India with associates in Singapore and Dubai. It possesses the essential catalysts to ensure that its delivery upholds high engineering standards – extensive knowledge, rich and varied industry experience, and a skilled team supported by external consultants and advisors.