SANDF 40mm Y4 multi-velocity grenade launcher logistic support


South African developer and supplier of defence and security products, Milkor, was recently awarded a contract to supply 40mm, handheld grenade launchers to the South African Army.

Part of the Armscor contract was the supply of a full logistic support package for the Y4 grenade launchers, encompassing a Logistic Support Analysis Plan (LSAP), operator support publications and training, and technical support publications and training.

Sigma Logistic Solutions of Pretoria has a long-standing relationship with Milkor, having worked on the original Y2 grenade launchers for the SANDF, and was once again appointed to handle the Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), publications and training requirements. Armscor specified very tight deadlines for the delivery of the logistic support package, which caused the staff at Sigma to put in a mammoth effort to deliver the 28 documents on time.

According to Sigma Project Manager, Pieter Snyman, the full logistic support package for the Y4 allows the SANDF to have full confidence in the application of the weapon and its support for the entire product life cycle. The LSA encompassed physical and functional breakdown structures, failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), reliability centred maintenance (RCM), task analysis (TA), and the management of codification for importing information into the SA Army computer-aided logistic management information system (CALMIS).

As there were changes between the Y2 grenade launcher and the new Y4 unit, user publications and training aids were essential. On the operator side, Sigma produced a fully illustrated operator training manual, operator instructor and learner guides, an assessment guide, training wall charts, and a training presentation.

On the technical side, Sigma produced a workshop repair manual, an illustrated parts manual, handling and storage manuals, technical instructor and learner guides, an assessment guide, training wall charts, and a training presentation.

All the manuals were prepared to the exacting RSA-MIL-STD 122 specification to ensure full compliance and usability within the SANDF. The adoption of the Y4 into service gives the SA Army the ability to use both low-velocity, short-range rounds, and medium-velocity, medium-range rounds in a single, effective, highly portable platform.