Sigma Logistic Solutions Partners with Mamo Majake


Sigma Logistic Solutions (Pty) Ltd has been providing quality logistic support solutions to the South African commercial and defence industries for more than 30 years.  Throughout this time the company has built solid relationships with local and international clients and has grown to be the largest supplier of technical documentation and support services in South Africa.

As part of the company’s strategy for growth and to explore new opportunities, Sigma has partnered with black empowerment consortium Mamo Majake through Sigma Information Solutions (SIS).  SIS are specialists in supplying software and hardware solutions.  In conjunction with Mamo Majake, the company aims to explore new markets and opportunities that will benefit both companies.

An example of this is SCRN-X – a Covid-19 smartphone and tablet-based screening application developed by Pretoria-based Infinit Business Intelligence Solutions. The SCRN-X mobile app allows employees and visitors to complete a medical self-assessment questionnaire before entering the workplace.  This is in-line with government regulations and provides employers with a real-time record of the health of employees.

Employees launch the app on their smartphones before entering the workplace and answer a number of “weighted” questions.  Based on their answers, a colour-coded result is generated – green for entry, blue or orange for conditional entry (e.g. report to the medical centre or collect a new face mask) or red for no entry (further instructions are then given).

SCRN-X is already in operation at a major mining house where more than 3 000 employees are monitored on a daily basis.  SCRN-X also functions on hand-held tablets to screen visitors or for use in any large facility such as schools, colleges or even in communities where contact tracing may be needed.

In an era of global pandemics, it becomes increasingly important for any organisation to practice good risk management and to reduce potential threats to the workforce and productivity.  SIS and Mamo Majake, through SCRN-X, provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for real-time, health risk assessment.

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