Tetrapol technology provides secure communications on occasion of 70th anniversary of Normandy landings


Airbus Defence and Space’s highly secure radio communications technology contributed to the success of security measures implemented during the festivities held in Caen, France, from 5 to 8 June 2014 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings and the Battle of Normandy.

A customised, secure Tetrapol radio system was put into operation within the radio communications networks of the French police and national military police (Gendarmerie), as well as those of the armed and civil security forces.

The organisation of numerous national and international ceremonies over the whole territory of the landing beaches was a real challenge, both in terms of logistics and security, as well as human resources. Over 12 000 police and military police officers, firefighters and military staff were mobilised and the secure interoperable radio communications systems provided by Airbus Defence and Space were used to guarantee security at this major international event.

In addition to the national shared transmission infrastructure (Infrastructure Nationale Partageable des Transmissions – INPT) used by French police and firefighters, and the Rubis network used by the Gendarmerie, the tactical Topaze network (PTN), which is based on Airbus Defence and Space’s Milicor system, was also deployed by the chain of Communications and Information Systems (SIC) of the Gendarmerie during the summit. Together, these technologies formed a cornerstone of the extremely demanding measures, whose primary objective was to ensure the protection of around 20 heads of state and government, among them the president of the France, François Hollande; the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; and the British PM, David Cameron.

The Topaze network was connected to Rubis to ensure full interoperability between the units of the mobile forces of the French police and the Gendarmerie, as well as with the armed forces. Thanks to Topaze, a tactical secure communication system could rapidly be set up, thereby guaranteeing full transmission availability at all sensitive locations.