Support and services at your side – all the way


Support and Services has a well established reputation and tradition in South Africa as a leading provider of maintenance and support of high technology electronics equipment and systems, spanning aviation, maritime and land-based systems.

As a major unit of the Saab Group, Support and Services is a leading global supplier of integrated support solutions.

With capabilities and competence spanning the defense, civil security and commercial aviation sectors, Support and Services provides a broad range of services and products for cost effective life-cycle support of customer systems and platforms.

Xhead = A complete support concept

Our broad based support concept provides cost-effective through-life support and service for all phases of customer operations – from initial definition of a requirement to fully embedded in-service operation over the useful lifetime of an entire system.  Products and services are adaptable to meet specific customer requirements and can be provided as an integrated part of a total support solution or as a stand-alone product.

Xhead = Regional aircraft support solutions

Saab Aerotech offers a full range of support products services to operators of the Saab 340 and Saab 2000 aircraft as well as qualified services for other regional aircraft types.

Xhead = Military aircraft support solutions

Our range of products and services includes technical support, maintenance of aircraft systems and ground equipment, component repair and maintenance, services for advanced electronic systems, as well as advanced logistics supply services.

Xhead = Integrated infrastructure support solutions

Within the Integrated Infrastructure Support area, Support and Services can offer, for example, total support solutions for applications ranging from airport facilities, complete supply chain solutions for military and other heavy equipment, to entire field facilities as part of a peacekeeping or humanitarian assignment abroad.

Xhead = Support solutions for land and sea forces

Customised and competitive support solutions are vital for initiating and sustaining operations in order to ensure mission success in the field or aboard ship. Therefore, our portfolio includes support services and products for Saab as well as other OEM developed platforms, systems and equipment on land or at sea.

Support and Services provides affordable solutions that are practical and customized to meet not only the unique environment in Africa but also the needs and requirements of our customers. Contact us to discuss a support solution to meet your specific requirement.