Saab launches blue force tracking device at Dubai Air Show


Under the alias IMPI, Saab`s multi-purpose micro processor-controlled GSP
tracking modem is a first-ever of its kind within the Saab stable of offerings,
and presents a wide range of communications capabilities for both secure
military and civilian environments.

A product developed by Saab in South Africa, the device is well poised to
take front position among competing products with the ability to provide
positional updates from any geographical position on earth, to any designated
control system – moving with ease from GMS to an Iridium satellite network, if
no network is available. IMPI also provides assurance that data is secured since
it`s received via Internet, and can be encrypted according to user
specifications and requirements.

“The product has been developed to make life easier for the user,” explains
Leif Karlsson, VP and head of Saab Systems Grintek. “IMPI offers an electronic
interface for the integration of PDA/PC-based computers and can have extensive
mapping, messaging and situational awareness functionality added if required.
Due to its ability to relay position to a computer system in a mobile,
deployable static control room, the position can easily be plotted and shown in
a geographical map display.”

The IMPI device can also be used with tactical radios through the Inline Data
Communication Unit (IDCU) from Saab, which can also be customised for specific
radio functionality.


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