Saab hosts South African National Defence College in Centurion


The South African National Defence College (SANDC) is the most senior education, training and development institution in the Department of Defence, as well as in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) civil service. It focuses on National Security and Strategic Studies, with the Security and Defence Studies Programme (SDSP) aimed at the management of National Strategic policies and issues.

The aim of the SDSP is to prepare selected officers and officials, in the rank group Brigadier General/Colonel or civilian equivalents, for appointments to top-level posts in the Department of Defence (DoD) and other State Departments at national level. The programme is presented over the period 15 January 2018 to 23 November 2018, and has 31 programme members and 11 SANDC staff members from the DoD and other State.

Geoff van Hees, Deputy Vice President of Country Unit Sub Saharan Africa, had the opportunity to present the Saab product portfolio and give a company overview of Saab’s capabilities and offering in the market area.

The group was taken through the Centurion facilities’ static exhibition area where Saab’s products, which are applicable for the continent, were showcased. They were also given the opportunity to partake in a live SAVIT demonstration headed by Tinus van Wyk, allowing everyone to feel like they are back in the battlefield.

A TactiCall Dispatcher live demonstration was given by Georg Pistorius and Shaun van Schalkwyk, who took them through the various capabilities TactiCall has to offer.

“The visit proved to be a great success for both Saab and the College. It allowed us the opportunity to educate the future Defence Generals about Saab products and capabilities, and enabled us to form good relationships with these future leaders,” says van Hees.