Saab at Dubai Airshow 2015


At the Dubai Airshow 2015, Saab will show how its advanced technology and innovative thinking gives your capabilities the edge. The United Arab Emirates is a hub of the aerospace world, and the Dubai Airshow is one of the most important aerospace and defence industry events of the year.

“Saab is a world leader when it comes to critical aerospace and defence technology. We have a proven track record in things that matter to customers in this region; in airborne early warning, air traffic management, command and control, radar, missile systems, ground combat and training, to give just a few examples. We are looking forward to greeting customers from the air, land and sea domains because the Dubai Airshow is an important venue for them all. We will also be pleased to stand alongside our local partners and our local staff, who work closely with us to meet the needs of the UAE and the other customers in the region,” says Magnus-Lewis Olsson, head of Saab Market Area Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Saab is enjoying a sustained period of expansion. There are few, if any, other defence, security and aerospace suppliers that can deliver the range of effective and efficient products found in the Saab portfolio. The UAE is the perfect place to demonstrate Saab’s products and capabilities to key customers from the Gulf region and around the globe.

“The Dubai Airshow is a very important event for Saab and the Saab Middle East office. It gives our employees the opportunity to connect and meet with our existing partners in the region, while also showcasing the latest technologies the company has available. As the leading event of its kind in the region, and through its substantial international delegations, the Dubai Airshow is a place for Saab to forge new relationships that could develop into strong business partnerships in the future,” says Saab’s Simon Carroll, president and general manager, Saab Middle East.

At Dubai 2015, Saab will host two press briefings, each on the Saab stand, number 1516.

11am: Monday 9 November

Innovations in air traffic management

Saab’s revolutionary Remote Tower concept promises a completely new approach to air traffic management at airports. At a time when the very rapid growth of air travel to and through the Gulf region is placing ever-greater pressure on an air traffic environment that is already extremely complex, the fully-certified Remote Tower Services concept offers a route forwards to higher traffic capacity and higher standards of safety. Saab’s Per Ahl, VP traffic management, Europe, Greater Middle East and Africa, and David Shomar, VP civil security Middle East and North Africa, will explain how our fully scalable system can be applied at major international airports, contingency and ramp operations, as well as single regional airports or local airport clusters.

11am: Tuesday 10 November

Designing the future of military aerospace

Saab’s Gripen programme is redefining air combat effectiveness, adaptability and sustainability for the 21st century. Saab has a guaranteed future development path for Gripen that can meet the needs of any nation that demands sovereign, reliable, deployable air power on a realistic budget. Join Saab’s head of Aeronautics, Ulf Nilsson, for a full update on the latest Gripen activity, some recent developments in other Saab programmes, and see how Saab’s unique approach to smart, balanced design influences our thoughts on the future of air power.

Saab products and capabilities on show at Dubai 2015 include:

* Erieye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system;
* Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) solutions;
* Remote Tower air traffic and airport management system;
* JFAC joint forward air controller training system;
* JFIST joint fires synthetic training system;
* Surface radar systems (Giraffe);
* Ground-based air defences (RBS 70NG);
* Precision engagement systems (RBS15, TAURUS KEPD 350E);
* 9Air Compact C2 command and control system;
* Airbase support and maintenance services and deployable air base systems;
* Commercial aerostructures; and
* Electronic warfare product family.

The Dubai Airshow 2015 will be held in the UAE from 8 to 12 November at the Dubai World Central airshow exhibition site.

Please come and visit Saab at stand 1516.

For all press and media inquiries at the Dubai Airshow, please contact Saab’s press officer at the show:
Robert Hewson.
+44 77762031
[email protected]

For further information, please contact:
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