Safeguarding your waters


Saab is your trusted defence and security solution provider for navies looking to address their Maritime Security Challenges in the Gulf of Guinea and will be present at the 2021 International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (IMDEC) to be hosted in Accra, Ghana over the period 06-08 July 2021.  Within the constraints of the global Covid pandemic, IMDEC 2021 is arguably the largest physical gathering of navy and maritime security personnel on the African continent this year and Saab will be there.

Recent times have seen a rise in maritime security incidents in the Gulf of Guinea and this in turn has demanded that West African navies and coastal law enforcement agencies develop and implement strategies to curb the rise of maritime insecurity in the West African region. Saab is your trusted defence and security solution provider for navies that are striving to build and enhance their maritime capabilities that will contribute to the safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea.

The maritime security situation in the Gulf of Guinea is intrinsically linked to the livelihood of so many West Africans and West Africa states through from the large-scale maritime trade that traverses these waters to the subsistence style fishermen that feed their families on the fish that they catch in these waters. The end goal for the Gulf of Guinea is a safe and secure maritime domain, from the inshore and inland waterways out to the extent of the Exclusive Economic Zone far out at sea. Ensuring the safety and security of these waters will create the favourable conditions needed to facilitate development and growth of the blue economy for the greater benefit of the West African region. In order to provide a comprehensive solution to counter the myriad of maritime security threats and challenges facing the Gulf of Guinea states, the navies and coastguard agencies should adopt a dual capability approach incorporating both Maritime Domain Awareness and Enforcement capabilities.

Why Saab? The answer is easy. Saab is a global defence and security company with a broad portfolio of technologically advanced products and solutions across a multitude of domains. The products and solutions we provide will enhance the maritime security capabilities of West African navies and support the drive for a safer and more secure maritime domain in the Gulf of Guinea.

CB90HSM. Saab’s surface vessels are made for a challenging environment giving them extraordinary capabilities in relation to stealth, speed, manoeuvrability and shock resistance. The fast, all-aluminium Docksta CB90HSM can effortlessly carry multiple troops and cargo, in shallow or open waters, whilst maintaining incredible speeds and manoeuvrability. The boat offers supreme CBRN and ballistic protection thanks to lightweight polyethylene lining and safety glass. A robust weapons platform can include stabilised turntables, smaller missile systems and remote weapon stations, whilst a versatile and tough interior, combined with a strong bow ramp, ensures swift deployment for unprepared amphibious landings. The CB90HSM is a brand new boat, equipped with a lot more capabilities than its predecessors, with improved speed performance, enhanced manoeuvrability, increased firepower and superb surveillance capabilities.

Sea Giraffe 1X.  The Sea Giraffe 1X is optimised for maritime security and force protection but its capabilities reach well beyond these and serve the many dimensions of maritime operations. This multi-purpose, lightweight 3D AESA radar system, operates in the X-band and offers outstanding performance The Sea Giraffe 1X radar delivers a higher level of maritime situational awareness that creates time to act and arm your forces together with the power to manage any threat, airborne or on the surface. The Sea Giraffe 1X makes maritime platforms more capable and better prepared to execute their missions in the world’s littorals, enabling you to secure your domain. It is the perfect choice for navies, amphibious forces and coast guards looking for a system with high performance with an extremely low footprint and is ideally suited for Offshore Patrol Vessels for navies in the Gulf of Guinea.

Giraffe 1X port of Gothenburg 2020

Saab’s record of delivering technologically advance maritime security solutions to navies around the world bears testament to the quality, reliability and performance of our products. Our drive keeps us pushing the technological boundaries in bringing our customers solutions to enhance their safety and security and this includes their maritime domain and maritime resources. At Saab, we share values which are inherited from generation to generation and reflect the company’s heritage and soul. We commit to the values in our everyday engagements and interactions with our customers and global stakeholders through our core values of Drive, Expertise and Trust.

We are here to provide navies with products and solutions to build and enhance their maritime capabilities that will contribute to a safer and more secure Gulf of Guinea. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions about our naval and maritime portfolio of products and solutions. For more information and any questions regarding Saab’s participation at the 2021 International Maritime and Defence Exhibition in Accra, Ghana, come and visit us at our IMDEC stand or visit