Russian military to commission cutting edge Sosna air defence system


The Russian Defence Ministry will introduce the nation’s newest anti-aircraft missile system “Sosna” into service, according to a source in the press service of the holding Vysokotochnye Kompleksy, part of the state corporation Rostec.

“Cross-branch tests of the Strela-10ML anti-aircraft missile system (called Sosna anti-aircraft missile system when made for export) were successfully completed in May 2019. The Russian Defence Ministry has decided to introduce the system into service. Machine delivery is planned for 2022”, the source said.

The Sosna missile system was designed to protect troops from aircraft attacks and aerial reconnaissance.

This system is capable of operating at any time of the day or night and in conditions of reduced visibility. Targets can be identified both manually and in autonomous mode.

The system is armed with 12 Sosna-R anti-aircraft guided missiles that can hit targets at a distance of up to 6 miles and at an altitude of 3 miles.

A modernised version of the missile system will be presented at an upcoming edition of the Army Forum.

The 5th International Military-Technical Forum Army-2019 is being held from 25 to 30 June at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Centre, at the Kubinka air base just outside Moscow.

The system was first presented at the 2018 edition of the annual Army International Military-Technical Forum.