South African Joint Standing Committee on Defence visits RDM


Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) had the privilege of hosting the South African Joint Standing Committee on Defence (JSCD). This engagement allowed RDM a platform to update the members of the JSCD on RDM’s contribution to the Defence sector economy through its 1500 first-tier suppliers, its continued support and prioritisation of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) despite the increase in export business demands. RDM has assured the members of the Joint Standing Committee of its commitment to support the SANDF and the South Africa Police Services in strengthening national security.

RDM remains at the forefront with cutting-edge technologies to remain competitive in the global defence market and is currently devising a strategy to assist the SANDF with the modernisation of their systems through upgrading and turning off the existing assets and economically viable options of demilitarisation of unserviceable ammunition.

The meeting occurred a day following RDM’s introduction of the Nitro-Glycerine Truck, which was welcomed by JSCD as they aimed to guarantee the safe transportation of RDM products between sites. The discussion also involved the coordination between RDM and other state organisations such as Denel, ARMSCOR, and the National Convention Arms Control Committee (NCACC) to create shared value.

RDM is committed to various initiatives, including technology and product development. We are also dedicated to achieving energy security in South Africa through our Renewable Energy portfolio. We are investing in bursary programmes and skills development through the Accelerated Growth Program to achieve this. Our program provides graduates with work experience, which helps them to develop their skills and knowledge. Additionally, we support military veterans by upskilling them and investing in supplier development to contribute to the country’s economy.