RDM awarded multi-million follow on contract for plastic explosives


On 9 May 2020, the South African based arms manufacturer, Rheinmetall Denel Munition, was awarded a follow on contract worth almost 100 million rand for plastic explosives PE9.
RDM has been manufacturing the plastic explosive PE9 since 1978, which is considered the C4 equivalent as referred to internationally. PE9 is used for the demilitarisation of redundant ammunition stock.

RDM has proven expertise in commercial explosives, a technologically challenging field. Plastic Explosives no.9 (PE-9) are designed to be used as a main explosive charge against various types of military targets. When used in combination with other devices it can easily be converted in many other military applications. Typical applications includes: Various RDX-based explosives and TNT-based melt-cast formulations.

‘Initially these P9 explosives were only manufactured for use by the South African government, but has over the years been expanded to many international markets. We have grown an established customer base worldwide and our longstanding relationship has been a key factor for RDM in securing this contract,’ said RDM CEO, Jan-Patrick Helmsen.

RDM maintains its status also as one of the largest producers of PETN in South Africa for more than 20 years. PETN is a commercial high explosive used in the mining industry to produce blasting caps, detonating cords, and pentolite boosters. RDM has always maintained its commitment to supporting the industry’s needs and has displayed this recently through efforts to continue supplying the mining industry in South Africa, also during the national lockdown.

‘RDM has positioned itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative explosive products that is shaping the future of our industry and we are confident that we will meet future growing demands’, stated Helmsen.