Through-life support communication systems


Reutech Solutions is a division of Reutech, a subsidiary of JSE listed Reunert and Moshate Technology Holdings. Reutech Solutions was established in 1963 and is a proudly South African company supplying customers locally and abroad.

The company holds a level 2 B-BBEE certification. Reutech Solutions specialises as an engineering procurement company (EPC) for:

* Dynamic control solutions;
* Engineering and support services;
* Communication infrastructure; and
* Switching and management of ICT networks.


Reutech Solutions is currently providing maintenance and support for the South African Department of Defence’s static communication networks, high frequency systems and satellite systems. Reutech Solutions also provides depot level repair support on all VHF and related tactical radio equipment to the South African Army.

Maintenance and support

The following elements are being supported by the Reutech Division, situated at Wonderboom Military Base, with personnel stationed throughout South Africa:

* New installations, which includes network planning, reticulation as well as system cut-over;
* Microwave transmission systems;
* Bandwidth management systems;
* Satellite systems;
* Earth stations and deployable systems;
* HF systems (static and mobile) and antennas;
* Power systems/air conditioners;
* Cabling; and
* Copper, fibre, voice and data.

Reutech Solutions has vast experience in the ICT field, with more than 40 years’ technical experience. Over the years, Reutech Solutions has teamed up with highly professional suppliers and partners like Selex, Rohde and Schwarz, Dragonwave, Alcatel Lucent, Via Sat, Coriant, Adroit, TNMS, Multisource, Icom, to name but a few. This puts Reutech in a prime position to offer the South African Department of Defence complete communication solutions.

The SANDF’s current communications infrastructure is nearing its end of life, and with new roll-outs and projects planned, Reutech Solutions can provide support, maintenance and products of the highest quality.

Management tools

Reutech Solutions invests in state-of-the-art management software tools, which are:

* EAGLE (Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistic Environment), a maintenance management information system tool to accumulate and process logistical data that complies to Mil Std 1388-2B and is compatible with the DOD logistical tools, such as OSIS and CALMIS. EAGLE is installed at Reutech Solutions, Wonderboom.
* The second management tool, Adroit, is a remote site management tool that enables Reutech Solutions to monitor and manage remote sites. It displays a life overview of all integrated systems and equipment.

Integrated telecommunications at AAD 2014, Hanger 4, Stand B-1

Reutech Solutions will present live demonstrations of an integrated communications on the move platform. This system will consist of satellite comms on the move; WiMax, TETRA, HF, VHF and UHF integrated into one telecommunications system transporting live video, voice and data communications. This will be demonstrated live daily at 11am and 3pm respectively.

This demonstration is a concerted effort between Reutech Solutions, Reutech Communications, Saab Grintek, NDSATCOM and SELEX.

Reutech Solutions’ Renewables Division

Reutech Solutions’ Renewables Division offers energy solutions in the form of various operational solar systems that have been installed at its Midrand premises.

The Convert Solar Tracker is a cost-effective mounting system which can be adapted to mount almost any type of PV solar panel. The capability of tracking the sun in an east west direction can improve the power production by up to 23%.

The system can be used as pile driven or ballast block ground mounting techniques; one single control box is utilised per 10 tracking arrays, each array has a single drive motor and will accommodate up to 12KW of solar panels (panel dependent).

A smaller demo version of it will be displayed and operational at the Reutech stand at Africa Aerospace & Defence (AAD), 17-21 September 2014.

Reutech, part of Reunert, is a group of companies specialising in the electronics and defence industries.