Reutech releases new Rogue LITE weapon station


Reutech Rogue International, a division of Reutech, has just released its new Rogue LITE Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS), which is aimed at providing a cost-effective, yet capable system for the military vehicle market.

Recent successes in the landward market and lessons learnt with the operationalisation of the Land Rogue 12.7mm underlined the requirement for a more compact, lightweight, easy-to-use and more maintainable version for use by a wider range of low cost armoured personnel carriers and mine-resistance, ambush protected (APC and MRAP) vehicles. This led to the development of the Rogue LITE, retaining the core capability of the Land Rogue 12.7mm, but offering a RCWS solution at a more affordable price without compromising on capability.

Rogue LITE sets new standards for this class of technology, whilst, due to its modular design, still offers a variety of performance enhanced options. A selection of optical sights is available to meet the varied operational needs of the user.

The Rogue LITE platform can be configured for a 40mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL) or 7.62mm or 12.7mm machinegun.

Rogue LITE has attracted the attention of the light armoured personnel carrier market and various proposals in this regard have already been submitted.

The Rogue LITE is part of Reutech’s Rogue family, which includes the 12.7 mm Land and Sea Rogue, which is based on the popular 12.7mm Browning machine gun whereas the Super Land and Sea Rogue 20mm utilise an array of 20mm weapons such as the Denel GI2 and the Rheinmetall Air Defence KAE.

The Sea Rogue 12.7mm is fitted to the South African Navy’s frigates while the Super Sea Rogue is mentioned as the weapon system of choice for Project Biro for both the In- and Offshore Patrol Vessels being acquired for the South African Navy.