Reutech performs CRAM experimentation


Two divisions within the Reutech group, namely Reutech Radar Systems and Reutech Solutions, have come together to evaluate the newer technologies that exist in both divisions and how these technologies can be applied in the Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar (CRAM) roles.

In a typical CRAM system, target track information is passed from a sensor through to a suitable effector for engagement of the incoming projectile. Reutech Radar Systems has developed new cost-effective starring array technology that can quickly and accurately detect the incoming rounds.

An experiment was established in order to evaluate closing the loop between a sensor and an effector. As part of the experiment, a mortar was fired towards the location of the sensor and weapon, which was then tracked by the Reutech Radar Systems-supplied starring array radar sensor and fired at using the 20mm Rogue RWS from Reutech Solutions. The purpose of the integration exercise was to evaluate the ability to track the mortar and measure the miss distance between the incoming projectile and the round fired from the RWS.

The results from the initial experimentation proved that the starring array radar sensor is a very capable sensor that efficiently tracks a typical incoming CRAM round, as well as tracking the round outbound from the defensive weapon.

Reutech, part of Reunert, is a group of companies specialising in the electronics and defence industries.