Reutech equipped for Project Biro


Reutech is a leading South African defence original equipment manufacturer (OEM), which is well positioned to supply equipment and services into Project Biro, which is an SA Navy programme for the procurement of offshore and inshore patrol vessels.

There are three divisions within Reutech that have the necessary expertise and equipment that could be supplied into this programme, namely: Reutech Radar Systems, Reutech Solutions and Reutech Communications.

Reutech Radar Systems has a number of products that could be installed on the Project Biro vessels. These products are in the domain of air and sea surface target detection and tracking for surveillance, helicopter support and the support of weapons systems aboard the vessels.

Reutech Solutions is the supplier of the Rogue family of Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS), which could find application in Project Biro. The Rogue RCWS family includes 20mm and 12.7mm calibre weapons that are both already in service with the SA Navy and other navies. The development of a 30mm RCWS using the Denel CAM-Gun is in progress. These systems could collectively satisfy all the weapon requirements for Project Biro.

Reutech Communications is the OEM for the new generation software-defined combat net radios (CNR) with associated equipment and management software developed for the modernisation of communications of the SANDF. This new product range covers the full spectrum of CNR requirements and offers both secure voice and data network links across various platforms, which for Project Biro is able to offer the necessary communication equipment and intercom systems to satisfy its requirements.

Reutech, part of Reunert, is a group of companies specialising in the electronics and defence industries.