Reutech, Cellcrypt to deploy secure voice solutions to SA military, civilian agencies


Reutech Communications, a trusted provider of secure military communication solutions, and Cellcrypt, a global solutions provider of encrypted voice calling for off-the-shelf cellphones using government-certified security in an easy-to-use downloadable application, today announced they will collaborate to deliver a secure telecommunications platform to southern African government agencies.

Under the terms of a recently signed strategic agreement to be celebrated during Africa’s largest exhibition of air, sea and land capability at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 (AAD2012) at AFB Waterkloof, the two companies will jointly market Cellcrypt’s mobile and fixed-line voice-encryption solution through a unique prepaid system to military, intelligence and civilian agencies within southern Africa.

The prepaid service, which is currently available only in South Africa, will enable IT departments to manage the expanding use of mobile devices and PBX deployments to address the potential risks associated with the interception of sensitive voice communications, and provide a powerful tool to combat cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure.

“Traditional investment by end-user groups into secure voice and messaging platforms is always in the orders of millions of rands, with a very long time to implement, and projects of large magnitude have to contend with the dangers of technology being surpassed before it is even deployed,” said Martin De Beer, CEO of Reutech Communications. “The aim of this new service is to deliver proven secure communications today through current technology platforms, at acceptable market prices, which can operate on any network via a broad range of mobile phones and virtually any PBX.”

The new jointly developed billing system, modelled after mobile prepaid systems, has been in rigorous test mode for the two quarters of 2012, and supports off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets running the widely used mobile operating systems of devices such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia, as well as supporting virtually any PBX infrastructure through the new generation voice gateways from Cellcrypt.

The solution secures mobile voice communications across the public network when private networks are unavailable or untenable. The downloadable software application works over all data-enabled mobile, WiFi and satellite networks, making it the most convenient solution for protecting sensitive and confidential telephonic data across government. Cellcrypt uses cryptography certified to the FIPS 140-2 security standard approved by the US government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

“Through this partnership with Reutech Communications, the delivery of Cellcrypt can now be deployed instantly over a broad spectrum of user groups with minimal capital investment, which is in line with requirements from local finance and treasury departments to deliver first-world technology at affordable prices for the African market,” said Mornay Walters, Cellcrypt’s director for Africa. “It is a great initiative taken by Reutech Communications to deliver a carrier-class telecommunications solution and achieving fixed-mobile convergence that focuses on security without compromising quality and affordability.”

“Mobile phone technology is an integral part of every government’s telecommunications infrastructure. However, as the technology has proliferated, so too have the methods and tools of cyber-attack, offering adversaries easy access to a world of information,” said Matthew Cochran, president of Cellcrypt FZE, based in Dubai. “Together, Cellcrypt and Reutech Communications intend to further expand the breadth and scope of their co-operation in secure voice solutions to Africa. Cellcrypt recognises that Reutech Communications has been a strategic supplier to the South African National Defence Force for over 40 years, and is honoured to be its selected partner in this global response to a global threat.”