NATO milestone – RRS delivers first major export order on product level


Reutech Radar Systems’ first major export sale on a complete product level was successfully concluded earlier this year. It was a particularly important international contract and strengthened the company’s image as a reliable supplier among international defence contractors. RSR 210N Helicopter Control Radar Final Qualification Review (FQR) was concluded, followed by the signature of the final delivery. All five RSR 210Ns have been fully accepted into the Royal Norwegian Navy.

One of the most significant differences experienced between South Africa and Norway from a ship-borne radar perspective is the radically different littoral environments. In Norway, hundreds of little islands protrude above the waterline close to its coastal waters. For a radar system required to track stationary surface vessels, this environment induces ‘false’ surface tracks. This presented RRS with a challenging problem. The challenge lay in distinguishing between a real stationary surface vessel, ie, a potential track, and stationary clutter.

The selection of the RSR 210N radar by a leading NATO Navy represented a significant achievement for South Africa. This has secured the product’s position in the world market and there has been considerable interest in the product from other international as well as South African users.

The RSR 210N occupies a prime position on the Nansen frigate.

Reutech, part of Reunert, is a group of companies specialising in the electronics and defence industries.