VIP, convoy protection – OMNI-A0082 antenna


Poynting Antenna’s OMNI-A0082 antenna is a covert, ultra-wide-band antenna system designed for high-powered transmissions where signal suppression is required in applications like convoy protection, RCIED signals, VIP protection and wide-band frequency spectrum monitoring.

It provides four separate antenna connections. Band A covers 20MHz to 200MHz; Band B covers 100MHz to 700MHz; Band C is a high-efficiency, wide-band 500MHz to 3 000MHz antenna; and Band D covers 850MHz to 6 000MHz. The overlap in frequency ranges allows this antenna system to be used with a wide range of transmitters and signal suppression hardware.

The OMNI-A0082 has an excellent omni-directional radiation pattern which provides 360° protection, and covers a 300:1 frequency range without significant elevation break-up. This ensures maximum protection is available at all frequencies. The low visual profile avoids drawing attention to the vehicle on which it is fitted.

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