Alaris Holdings potential acquisition of Cojot OY


On 4 March 2016, the Board of Directors of Alaris Holdings announced that Alaris has entered into a share purchase agreement with Ritva Haapanen, Mauri Haapanen, Teemu Haapanen and Erkki Valkeasuo of Cojot.

Cojot, a Finnish limited liability company, having its registered domicile in Espoo, Finland, was incorporated in 1986 and specialises in the design, development and manufacture of mobile (vehicular and manpack) VHF/UHF/SHF wideband antennas.

Cojot provides a broad range of high quality and sophisticated solutions for today’s demanding radio frequency systems used for tactical communication, electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring applications.

Alaris and Cojot operate in a similar market space and the business models of the two companies are complementary. The combined expertise of Alaris and Cojot will enable both companies to capitalise on new opportunities achieved through cross-selling and the design and development of new, innovative products from the combined engineering skills set.

Alaris Holdings constantly strives to expand its global market footprint in order to offer customers a world-class service across an extensive product range. Currently, the company is represented by more than 30 distributors globally; the distribution channel is constantly growing to expand its presence in all major territories.