Pelican’s Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS): reliable, safe, energy-efficient lighting solutions


Sustainability has become more and more significant in the last decade. The climate change and the related globalwarming impacts lots of people and businesses as well.

Pelican Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems, recognises the need for environmentally friendly lighting systems that are reliable, durable and safe for use in any industry, including high-risk ones like mining and oil and gas.

To address this need, Pelican Products offers a full range of Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS), bringing portable, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lighting technology to remote and general area applications.

This is a result of Pelican Products’ Environmental Management System, which shows the company’s commitment to create products that are energy efficient and highly recyclable and re-usable. In addition, this range of RALS include ATEX certified solutions that are safe for using in atmospheres susceptible to explosions and hazardous areas.

RALS: Most efficient rechargeable lighting system

Pelican offers a wide range of RALS to meet the different needs of industries and customers. Pelican RALS redefine the portable lighting category, thanks to a best-in-class performance and durability, since they are designed for heavy duty jobs. Working with them means silent operation, no fumes, lightweight (easier manual handling) and low operating temperatures.

For industries such as mining, fire and rescue, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals, among other high-risk areas, Pelican also offers the RALS model 9435 (1 500 lumens), which has been certified ATEX Cat. 3 (Zone 2). RALS with an ATEX certification offer the safety approvals needed for a large variety of industrial emergencies and risky situations. As a result, professionals can concentrate on their jobs without worrying about their safety.

Built with versatility and safety in mind, the 9460 RALS features two swivelling telescope masts (each extends to nearly 1.80m/6 feet) and two 360-degree articulated light arrays. The system’s next-generation LEDs and dual power modes (with individual water-proof switches) combine to radiate up to 12 000 lumens. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the system offers up to seven hours of peak brightness with a variety or extended run times. The RALS 9460 gives the user the ultimate maintenance-free portable floodlight station to get the job done efficiently, safely and on time.

The most recent update, made to the Pelican model 9440, doubled the lumens value of the model to 5 300 lumens. Furthermore, the model now offers compatibility with a Bluetooth Pelican smartphone app (iOS and Android) for remote activation and battery management, which shows Pelican’s commitment to innovation.

All RALS are featured by a recyclable battery, which ensures lighting for the most demanding tasks. In the recent models, 9490 (6 000 lumens) and 9480 (4 000 lumens), the battery is swappable between the two models. That is a great feature since it allows working with an extra battery so the user can double the run time.

Safety benefits offered by Pelican RALS range:

* No trailing cables: Slips, trips and falls are the main reasons of industrial accidents in most sectors. There are no trailing cables when using a RALS.
* Silent operation: Traditionally, site lighting is powered from a generator set and the noise it produces could damage health of the staff. All RALS products are battery powered and silent in operation.
* Safe: The RALS 9435 is ATEX certified, for the most reliable use in environments susceptible of explosions.
* No hazardous fuels/no fumes: the Pelican RALS comes with a rechargeable battery and doesn’t need refuelling, avoiding the risk of serious accident. Moreover, they can be safely used in confined spaces since they don’t emit fumes.
* No glass components: Unlike other lighting systems, RALS products prevent operator cuts by not using glass components.
* Safe to touch: The low operating temperature of the RALS light source prevents potential burns.
* Low battery warning indicator: When battery life has come to an end, rather than just suddenly running out of power, the RALS have a built-in low battery indicator system with warnings, so the user is never left in the dark.

General uses of RALS

Peli offers RALS for mining, oil and gas, night-time road construction crews, railway engineers, firefighters and professionals of emergency and rescue. They can also be used by TV/film producers who need to illuminate dark areas or by military teams that need to illuminate working areas. In conclusion, RALS can be used by anyone who needs to illuminate a large area without the gas consumption, noise and air pollution of other lights that depend on electrical-powered generators.

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