Parsec expands capabilities


Renowned for its advanced subsystems for the global defence and industrial markets, South African electronics firm Parsec now offers an expanded capability of its VPX COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) module.

“When we started production of the VF360 to operate as both a system controller and a payload module, Parsec’s intention was to create a series of this embedded solution,” explains Tobie van Loggerenberg, Parsec’s business development director. “We designated it the VF36X series, which comprises several boards with different functionalities.”

A combat helicopter or vehicle carries rugged on-board computer platforms that are able to house a range of these modules. Parsec’s VF36X series of open VPX modules typically consist of a system controller module, payload module, I/O module and power supply. The series is ideal for rugged defence applications.

The system controller is suitable for high-end processing functions by means of a scalable processor and FPGA options. The module allows for functionalities such as system control, radar signal processing, video display processing, symbology generation, ballistic algorithms or EW processing.

“The payload module operates in conjunction with the system controller in large systems with multiple high bandwidth interfaces as required by multi-channel array processing systems,” Van Loggerenberg explains.

He says the VF36X is ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications and is available in both air-cooled and conduction cooled versions.

As an original design manufacturer, Parsec offers solutions that are tailor-made to customer requirements, where possible provided from the company’s range of COTS products.