South African company launches new internal security armoured vehicle


South African Paramount Group’s new Internal Security and Public Order Armoured vehicle, the Maverick, will make its worldwide debut at the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (AAD) at Ysterplaat Air Force Base, Cape Town, in September 2008.

Paramount identified the need of many clients worldwide for a vehicle that could be deployed in the Internal Security and Public Order roles with the ability to cater for the needs of the operational theatre of today.

The design philosophy of the Maverick has been based on that of its sister vehicles, the Matador and Marauder mine-protected vehicles and on providing increased crew survivability and system availability as a prime concern.

Protection comes in the form of the same unique integrated double- skin monocoque structure as the Matador and Marauder which results in smooth external surfaces, but without the V-shaped hull required for mine-protection. The Maverick’s hull structure provides the required all-round protection against Dragunov and .50 cal API kinetic energy projectiles and IEDs. The floor can withstand most shrapnel munitions, like hand grenades, and firebombs.

The Maverick’s internal volume has been designed to maximise the utilisation of space for equipment and can be adapted to various configurations. Pneumatically operated plug doors on the sides allow fast egress from the vehicle for the crew. The driver and co-driver can exit through cabin side doors.

The Maverick can be customised for a host of operational roles and Paramount envisages several variants that it could provide to clients,


*Public Order vehicle

*Command and surveillance vehicle

*Para-military armoured personnel carrier (APC)

*Armoured ambulance

*Explosive ordnance vehicle

*VIP transporter

With a payload of around 5 000kg and powered by a widely used and reliable aggregate set of MAN engine and driveline system the Maverick can also accommodate a variety of defensive turret systems. The Maverick is capable of carrying a crew of 2 + 10 and will be available with numerous customer-selectable options. It can also be equipped with an extendable platform ramp for SWAT teams to access elevated positions.

“The Maverick is an important new model in our family of vehicles, and with its class leading protection, mobility and payload flexibility, is sure to be a winner”, says John Craig, the Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Group’s South African subsidiary responsible for this development.

Group Executive Chairman Ivor Ichikowitz adds, “One of Paramount’s key objectives has been to build a world class capability in supporting internal security forces around the world with cost effective leading edge solutions. Many of the systems that Paramount has provided to these type of customers in the past have been based on armoured vehicle systems, and it is for this reason that Paramount has invested in the development of the Maverick. We are now in a position to be able to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions based on our own in-house capability”.