Paramount Group’s Marauder is a YouTube sensation


Paramount Group’s Marauder armoured car – dubbed the world’s most unstoppable vehicle – has become one of Top Gear’s most watched online clips ever, with more than nine million views.

The YouTube clip shows BBC Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond driving the Marauder through brick walls, smashing parked cars and igniting explosives under the vehicle to simulate a roadside bomb attack.

It is the only video in South Africa’s all-time top 10 most-viewed – coming in at number seven, the same position it reached on Top Gear’s all-time list – that does not focus on South Africa’s wildlife or feature an Afrikaans musician. The most watched South African clip is the infamous Battle at Kruger video, seen by over 72.4 million people worldwide.

Paramount Group chief executive Ivor Ichikowitz said: “We have always known the Marauder was the world’s toughest vehicle – and this video proves it! We challenged the guys at Top Gear to throw anything and everything at it and the Marauder withstood it all.

“The combination of speed, agility, flexibility and ballistic protection make it an unstoppable force that can endure even the toughest of terrains.”

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