South African defence firm Paramount Group secures contract with United Arab Emirates (UAE) for its next generation armoured vehicle


Abu Dhabi, UAE, February 19, 2019. Paramount Group, the South African-based global defence and aerospace company, has unveiled its next generation armoured personnel carrier, and announced it has received a contract from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at IDEX 2019, the largest defence and security Expo in the Middle East.

The announcement for the acquisition of the vehicles was made by the UAE’s Ministry of Defence on the first day of IDEX, held in Abu Dhabi from 17-21 February in Abu Dhabi.

Manufactured in South Africa, the Mbombe 4, representing the pinnacle of land systems technologies, is drawing on Paramount Group’s and South Africa’s exceptional heritage as leaders in the field of armoured vehicle design.

The Mbombe 4×4 completes the highly advanced Mbombe family of combat vehicles, consisting of the eight-wheeled Mbombe 8×8 and the six-wheeled Mbombe 6×6, designed to optimally meet the increasing demand for outstanding protection, yet versatility for today’s modern conflicts, including counter terrorism and peacekeeping missions.

Founder and Executive Chairman of Paramount Group, Ivor Ichikowitz, stated: “The new Mbombe 4 is a showcase of South Africa’s ability to create world-class technologies, ground-breaking innovations and the country’s ‘can-do’ attitude. This product also demonstrates our quest for continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries of vehicle design, crew protection, and interoperability.

“We are very excited by the Mbombe range of products and firmly believe that there is nothing in the world right now that can compete. We are dedicated to developing advanced defence capabilities and next generation technologies which will support our customers.”

“With the launch of the new Mbombe 4, Paramount is able to offer its customers one of the most complete land systems ranges in the world. Our partner governments are now able to deploy the most advanced, latest-generation 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles with a single common logistics train, highly-competitive acquisition costs and the lowest through-life cycle operating costs.

Displaying a striking new design, packed with the latest technologies and capabilities required for the modern battlefield, the Mbombe 4 offers outstanding levels of protection, mobility and flexibility.

The platform offers very high levels of ballistic and mine protection and other key features include a burst speed of 140km/hr, ensuring exceptional levels of mobility, a unique, rear-door ramp design proven in combat on 6×6 and 8×8 IFVs, with the vehicle fully operational in winter conditions of -20 Celsius to desert conditions of +55 Celsius.

The Mbombe family enables Paramount Group to provide customers with a comprehensive family of 4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 IFVs, which share over 70% of common components to reduce through life costs and ensures efficient training and logistics. This also presents a unique opportunity for the global market, affording a prospective end-user of all three vehicles significant savings in the areas of maintenance and logistical support.

The Mbombe 4 offers a unique onboard mission computer and interface system. The vehicle is further fitted with the latest generation navigational, crew comfort and security systems, with examples including a driver-assist camera system, winterisation kit, vehicle location and tracking systems, a NATO standard tow-hitch, radios and intercoms systems and a Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS).

Mbombe 4:

About Paramount Group

Paramount Group is the African-based global defence and aerospace business.  It is a leader in defence and security innovation and is a trusted partner to sovereign governments across the globe. Paramount Group has been responsible for the development and production of a broad range of highly advanced armored and mine protected vehicles that are in operation around the world. The family of APC and combat vehicles which has been developed from clean-sheet design is at the vanguard of armored vehicle technologies. These vehicles have been designed and developed to meet the increasing demand for multi-role, high mobility, and mine hardened platforms, providing a solution to the ever-changing demands of the global battlefield. Please visit for more information and follow us on Twitter.