Faith in Otterpack’s man portable water purification


The Otterpack Man-portable Backpack Water Purification system is the only hybrid powered Reverse Osmosis system presently in use across the world.

A recent demonstration was held in the Vatican City, with his Holiness Pope Francis and a large audience present as part of the Pope’s “clean glass of water for all children in the world” initiative.

A transparent container filled with a mixture of contaminated water and other matter was used as illustration.  The Otterpack system quickly purified the contents which was then poured into transparent glasses and consumed by two people.  To the surprise of all present, His Holiness Pope Francis then requested a glass of the purified water and drank it!  Faith in Otterpack indeed!  See the video on the link below:

The Otterpack equipment is a unique portable system which is both very low maintenance and with rugged military specification construction.  It is currently in use within Israeli and United States Army elements and other users across Africa include military and police authorities.  It is ideal in support of border control and anti-poaching entities as well as emergency relief operations.  Furthermore, the system has charity based uses as illustrated by the Vatican demonstration shown above.  In Australia a large market is emerging with the “Prepper” community choosing the Otterpack system owing to its manageable size, immediate operability and owing to its long life cycle and reliability.

Specifically, the Otterpack system even removes poisons from supplied water or water holes.  For example cyanide is completely removed.  In conflict areas due primarily to terrorism, the Otterpack system is crucial to the support of front-line troops and rapid restoration to normality.

The system can also be used in support of mining and prospecting activities and is particularly of value in remote areas and normally inaccessible locations. In already established mines it is invaluable in being able to be pre-positioned at underground emergency safe sites.  Being man-portable, it can be immediately ready in support of search and rescue operations where teams can carry it to the precise location of miners in distress.

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