The benefits of outsourcing your product to an electronic manufacturing company


The electronic manufacturing industry has been evolving quite a lot over the last fifty years. At the time most large-scale product runs were handled in-house. When surface mount technology was developed it allowed for more rapid assembly of electronic products. These days companies are moving some or even all their product manufacturing processes to external manufacturing firms. Outsourcing has become a more viable option for many businesses largely due to the economies of scale involved as well as the required initial capital outlay. Some companies simply lack the resources, expertise and logistics to manufacture their own product while others look at reducing costs. Businesses are continually looking to streamline processes, improve on costs and meet high customer expectations. Increasing demands, competitor pressure and reduced delivery times are some of the reasons for companies to outsource.

Professional Electronic Contract Manufacturers (ECM’s) can develop economies of scale that some businesses may not be able to, additionally this frees up your capital to pursue core activities in your business while you have the peace of a high quality facility producing your product. Every business is however unique, making the right decision regarding outsourcing crucial, but outsourcing is certainly an avenue to consider in today’s competitive business environment.

A tailor-made outsourcing solution can encompass a variety of combinations of solutions that suits the specific customer. This will enable the customer to focus on areas where they are strong while mitigating risk and utilising its capital effectively. To decide on the appropriate level of sub-contracting or outsourcing a variety of aspects needs to be considered to make an informed decision. Issues such as specific requirements, risks, availability of a suitable reputable manufacturing partner and the technology involved in the products needs to be carefully weighed and considered when selecting a partner. It is very important to look for a respected, credible manufacturer that will provide high quality services that suit your needs.

Lowering costs

One of the main benefits of outsourcing is cost reduction and a minimising of capital expenditure. To remain competitive and relevant, one of the main priorities for any business should be to reduce overheads, and run a lean and streamlined operation. Outsourcing definitely goes a long way towards achieving this goal. Efficient and effective outsourcing should result in a reduction of operating costs and a lean capital base resulting in an increase in your return on capital employed.

Access to skills and expertise

Outsourcing allows access to skills, abilities, expertise and technologies that the company would otherwise not have access to. Reputable manufacturing companies already have skilled employees, the latest equipment, technology and various other resources in place to ensure high quality products can be delivered to its clients. That is to say, if you select the correct manufacturing partner.

Supply and demand

An established manufacturing service has all the resources to accommodate any supply and demand changes enabling you to meet the need of your customers more efficiently. Productivity and efficiency are also improved. Electronic manufacturers also have buying power due to economies of scale with suppliers and should therefore be able to achieve a cost saving on your materials as well as releasing your working capital. The flexibility and variety of production technology an ECM can employ should benefit the end customer by way of an increased reaction time due to demand changes for its products.

Shorter production times

Due to the nature of ECM companies to be successful their processes should be well documented and established. Choosing a reputable manufacturer will provide you with streamlined processes which will result in shorter production times. Thus, outsourcing also allows you to reduce your time to market, as well as your reaction to market changes which keeps you ahead of your competition. The rate at which you can satisfy demand certainly influences whether your business will be successful, especially in the highly paced technological era we find ourselves in.

Core business

Outsourcing allows an entrepreneur to focus on their core activities while innovating and working towards the bigger goals to realise you vision for your business. Therefore uncluttered with concerns over the supply chain to feed your production line or the latest labour dispute an innovator can be creative in growing the product portfolio or improve on current products gaining a competitive edge in the market. Typically entrepreneurs and innovators usually abhor routine and discipline that a manufacturing process demands.

Risk mitigation

Outsourcing manufacturing allows you in essence to outsource a large portion of your risk. Certainly, it makes sense if volumes allow, to share manufacturing between two ECM companies therefore effectively halving your risk, which is already reduced just by virtue of outsourcing to a professional manufacturing company with streamlined, qualified and established processes.


Outsourcing encourages innovation. Products and services can be brought to life much quicker because there is an increase in resources and capabilities. There is also access to quick prototyping and other production functions without your business needing to allocate resources and tying up capital which could have been utilised for new product development. Businesses that outsource also free up internal time of strategic resources which drives innovation.

When outsourcing, your business can focus its resources on core projects and concentrate on your strengths. When the correct manufacturing partner is chosen it can lead to a mutual beneficial, long lasting partnership with strategic optimisation, cost savings and more flexibility. Outsourcing your manufacturing is something that is well worth investigating when you look at all the benefits for your business. With an expert and trustworthy team handling every step of your manufacturing, you can focus on innovation, driving growth and creating value in your business.