SYEGON CTIS, sometimes imitated but never surpassed


Troops rely on their confidence in the Central Tire Inflation System that equips their vehicle to guarantee cross country ability in hostile terrains. The primary function of a CTIS is to change the tire footprint by adapting the pressure (inflating or deflating the tires) according to the terrain. Without this function (or with a poor one) risks are high to get their vehicle stuck on muddy roads and sand or to burst a tire.

SYEGON CTIS is reliable, with sound experience and knowledge of defense applications. Fielded for 35 years on many platforms, the design continuously evolved and progressed to suit customer specifications and benefits from positive feedback from various theatres of operations.

SYEGON allows a pressure setting for 4 types of terrain and 3 load levels per terrain type. There are 12 individual pressure settings, which can be customized per axle wheel (4 x 3). This makes SYEGON one of the most accurate CTIS on the market as it increases the effectiveness of combat and reconnaissance vehicles on the ground.

SYEGON detects and compensates for punctures. In case of punctures or over speed it displays and transmits the alarm conditions.

SYEGON is compliant to the following norms:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility – MIL-STD-461F + CISPR25
  • Salt spray – NF EN ISO 9227
  • Tight to Dust -Portland cement (DIN 40050-9 (05/1993))
  • Electric and electronic – MAN LH 259 001
  • Immersion/Ingress Protection IPX7 (DIN 40050-9 (05/1993)
  • Environmental – CEI 60068-2
  • Ultra Violet
  • Power Supplies – Characteristics of defence power systems – MIL-STD-1275E

With in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we can supply SYEGON® both independently as a standard system and in-collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as a customized system.

Software wise, SYEGON anticipated customer needs with own-fund developments such as:

  • Integration of CTIS on the vehicle CAN Bus Network
  • J1939 and DM1 capability allowing the customer to monitor default data frames, that provides diagnostic and event or alarm notification
  • Specialized truck and trailer application

SYEGON has a large range of wheel-valves in the portfolio:

  • Wheel valves that can be mounted on steel or aluminum rims
  • Wheel valves that are tuned for very low or high-pressure ranges
  • Options such as a silencer, mud/sand protection cover and independent pressure valve


Independent pressure valve               silencer and sand protection              Aluminum rim

Vehicles equipped with SYEGON CTIS systems, or SYEGON components include:

Husky route clearance and mine detection vehicle systems
RG31 family of armored personnel carriers
South African Army G6 self-propelled Howitzer
RG12 riot control family of vehicles
4×4 Ginseng, Arlan, Matador, Marauder, Maverick armored personnel carrier
Mbombe 6×6 and Mbombe 8×8 family of vehicles

Customers can count on SYEGON services:

  • Research and development
  • Design and engineering
  • Prototyping and test
  • Manufacturing and integration
  • Maintenance support, spares and training

CONTACT:           Distributor in South Africa (Supply, technical Support):
[email protected]                011-888-6696

SYEGON is produced by Nexter Mechanics: