The LHD ‘Juan Carlos I’, built by Navantia, arrives in Istanbul


The aim of this cruise around the Mediterranean is to check functioning of equipment and systems during long navigation periods as well as to enable internal crew training.

During this period various flight operations have been carried out, for which three helicopters and a “Harrier AV-8B Plus” are embarked. She also carries a landing force made up of 100 Marines, various vehicles and 2 LCM-1E amphibious assault craft, also built by Navantia.

The LHD “Juan Carlos I” was designed and built by Navantia and delivered to the Spanish Navy in September 2010.

This programme has contributed to the Australian government choosing Navantia’s design for their programme of two amphibious ships based on the “Juan Carlos I”.

The most noteworthy aspect of this ship is her versatility, being capable of undertaking a large diversity of missions. Her dimensions make her the biggest ship ever built by Navantia for the Spanish Navy and her construction has positioned Navantia as a world reference in this sector.