Navantia Sistemas, Spanish Navy host MTMD Forum


During the last two weeks, Navantia Sistemas has hosted the first yearly meeting of the MTMD (Maritime Theatre Missile Defense), consisting of companies and navies of 11 of the most important western countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Great Britain, United States of America, Norway and Denmark.

The forum’s aim is to provide maritime forces with defensive capabilities and interoperability practices to the participating countries against the threats posed by different types of missiles used simultaneously. The proliferation of a wide range of anti-ship cruise missiles and ballistic missiles poses a considerable threat to nations and their maritime forces. These missiles produced by and/or transferred to rogue nation-states, non-state entities, and terrorists, are a real threat to global security and commerce.

Throughout the meetings held at Navantia, several key points have been analysed in the anti-missile defence, such as: command and control and communication systems, modelling and simulation, planning and execution of real tests and the system integration standardisation.

Navantia Sistemas has shown its capability and products to the forum, especially the interoperability area IAMD (Integrated Air Missile Defense), with a demo of anti-missile defence capability of the SCOMBA F-105 Frigate Combat System available in its Land Based Test Site (LBTS), together with LINK, analysis and 3D display toolsets.

Anti-missile defence is a key issue for the design and production of the Navantia Combat Systems, also a member of the MTMD Forum, which has participated with highly specialised engineering teams in several multinational exercises, such as the ASD-15 (At Sea Demonstration – 15), performed in Scottish waters during autumn 2015, with the participation of the Spanish Navy F-102 Frigate “Almirante Juan de Borbón”, and this year will be the FS-17 (Formidable Shield – 17).

The forum has had the opportunity to share the historic and cultural heritage of Andalucia during the social events organised for this event around this area.