Navantia signs Platform Design Services contract with Royal Australian Navy


Navantia has signed a new contract with the Capabilty and Sustainement Group (CASG), today in Sydney, for Platform Design Services, which means a strong support of Navantia in the country.

This contract will allow Navantia Australia to provide services such as engineering, technical assistance, etc, directly to the client (CASG) for the ALHDs and LLCs, which Navantia designed for Australia.

It is a relevant agreement for Navantia Australia’s interests, since it establishes a direct channel of provision of services with the Royal Australian Navy that will permit tightening of relationships, and to open new opportunities to provide services fundamentally from Australia.

For Navantia, this milestone is one more step in the direction of increasing its local capability and penetrating as trustworthy supplier into Australia, as well as an accolade in the confidence placed in Navantia Australia.