Navantia selected to provide management services to AWD programme


Since 2007, Navantia has been working on three important programmes for the ADF, namely, the Air Warfare Destroyers (AWDs), Landing Helicopter Docks (LHDs), and the LHD Landing Craft (LLC), under different contractual schemes, to deliver to the best of its ability.

ASC has signed a contract with Navantia, whereby Navantia will provide the shipbuilding management services (SMS) for the AWD programme.

This contract is part of the AWD Reform Strategy, commenced by the government in 2014. Navantia will bring its significant experience in AWDs to support ASC in building the AWDs. Navantia is fully committed to deliver this key capability to the Royal Australian Navy, as it has already done with the two LHDs, HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide, this last unit being commissioned into the RAN on 4 December.

Navantia has a significant capability in Australia, which  jointly with the company’s Technical Operation Centre, also located in Adelaide  will be a valuable asset for future shipbuilding activities in Australia, providing the required expertise to face the future projects. Navantia is fully committed to Australia and will contribute to naval projects as far as possible within its proven capacity and ability to supply. Navantia looks forward to working with the Commonwealth and industry even more closely than before, to achieving the programme goals that they totally share.