Navantia cuts steel for the second LHD for the Australian navy


Navantia has started the construction of the second of two LHDS for the Australian Navy, that will be named “Adelaide”, by cutting the first steel. The cut of steel started at 12:00 in the facilities of Fene, where the workers got a 3.5 tones piece, belonging to deck number 6 of the ship.

This milestone was first programmed for 23rd. March, but the Fene-Ferrol shipyard has managed to start it 7 weeks ahead schedule.

This contract was signed on 9th. October 2007 in Melbourne and includes the design and construction of 2 LHD’s, as well as the engines and the integrated platform control system. Navantia and the Australian shipbuilder, BAE Systems Australia Defense, will take on the building work of both ships, with the tasks being shared approximately 80% – 20%, respectively.

The design of these ships is based in the LHD “Juan Carlos I”, currently under construction for the Spanish Navy, and was selected over the French company Armaris offer, because it completely fitted the Royal Australian Navy requirements.

These types of ship are multipurpose ships, capable of developing different missions, not only military missions, but also humanitarian aid to civil population.

Main characteristics of these ships are:

– Length overall: 230.82 m
– Maximum breath: 32 m
– Height to flight deck: 27.5 m
– Design draught: 7.18 m
– Speed at full load: 20.5 knuts
– Range: + than 6.000 nm
– Crew: 243 people (+ 36 additional)
– Embarked forces: 978 people (+146 additional)

As far as the ship’s cargo capacity is concerned, worth noting among other aspects is that it has a 990 sq. m. hangar, a 1,165 sq. m. dock, a 4,750 sq. m. flight deck and 3,290 sq. m. of garage space.