Southern Power Products to participate in global testing phase of new engines


Following an exclusive agreement between Southern Power Products and Cimco Diesel Marine AB, South Africa will join the focused worldwide pre-series testing phase of Cimco’s OXE Diesel S-BPU engines.

Southern Power Products has partnered with Cimco Diesel Marine AB to supply sub-Sahara with OXE Diesel S-BPU engines – a new outboard motor conceptualised for the commercial market that powers off a horizontal instead of a vertical engine configuration.

“We are extremely excited to be part of the revolutionary OXE technology and to introduce a true diesel outboard solution to the marine industry,” says Jacque Brummer of Southern Power Products.

The engines will be fitted to a customised Nautic Africa vessel that will be earmarked to do a long-range trip around parts of the African continent, with product demonstrations at key markets. Locally, a test inflatable vessel will be outfitted with a single OXE configuration for customer demonstrations and will be tested once they arrive in December. Not currently in production or available to the market, the OXE engines will undergo real world testing internationally via Cimco’s global distributorship prior to production finalisation.

The engines are due to enter into production in the second quarter of 2016, but the series is already attracting the attention of international maritime media, which anticipate the combination of inboard diesel type power and outboard flexibility will appeal to the commercial market.

“The exclusive agreement between Cimco and Southern Power Products will make the engines available to the local shipbuilding market on their release,” says James Fisher, CEO of Nautic Africa.

The patented S-BPU (self-contained belt propulsor unit) technology is the key to the development of a unit that answers to the needs of the commercial sector for continuous daily operation. With the elimination of bevel gears and transfer shafts, the belt technology provides increased torque transfer to the propeller.

Designed to meet the needs of US military and NATO with regard to Tier 3 emissions standards as well as refuelling in terms of the geographical availability of diesel, the OXE Diesel S-BPU – now in its seventh generation – has already undergone rigorous in-house testing.

The engine will be further validated over a variety of different environments and applications as Cimco distributes approximately 20+ units to collaborative partners worldwide.

The local industry will have the added opportunity to engage with the innovative outboard at the Cape Town Boat Show in October this year where Southern Power Products will demonstrate the OXE Diesel S-BPU ahead of its official commercial release.

Southern Power Products is anticipating the successful introduction of the engine and aims to establish sales and service network for the Cimco release in sub-Sahara.