Nautic signs second contract with STX


During January 2012, Nautic sent personnel for vessel-specific training in icy Finland. Nautic will provide warranty support for STX for the full warranty period. This agreement follows the similar engagement between Nautic and STX in relation to the new Agulhas II built for South Africa.

STX is in the process of completing a new Fisheries Research vessel for the Namibian Fisheries.

The modern and innovative research vessel is specifically designed for the purposes of Namibian fisheries research.

The vessel meets the latest standards set for this type of vessels requiring particularly special care in the design of laboratory equipment, propulsion and power generation system.

The vessel has also very high overall technical standards and special attention has been given to the vessel’s serviceability and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the ship features a dynamic positioning system and it is operational in any African sea and weather condition in all seasons with no restrictions. This versatile specialised vessel will be approximately 62 metres long and will provide accommodation for 44 crewmembers and research personnel.

The tasks of the research vessel include monitoring of fish stock, as well as collecting and analysing biological and oceanographic samples. The multi-purpose specialised vessel will also be used for meteorological research and it will provide assistance for the control of fishing. The vessel will be equipped to sort, freeze and store fish for the scientific purposes as well.