Nautic Africa signs exclusive agency agreement with Doen Pacific


Nautic is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive agency agreement with Doen Pacific Waterjets and a non-exclusive agency for Thrustmaster of Texas, for the African sub-Saharan region.

Nautic’s partner, Basic Drive and Control, which exclusively represents Thrustmaster, will complete the “one-stop shop” package supply of water-jets and thrusters for any application in the sub-Saharan region.

Melbourne-based Doen Pacific has been manufacturing water-jet propulsion systems for nearly half a century. With exports to over 30 countries, Doen Pacific is one of the largest manufacturers of water-jet propulsion systems and related products in the commercial, defence and recreational vessel market.

Mark Peters, commercial director at Doen Pacific, commented: “With licensees in the Americas, Europe, and China, Doen Pacific is proud to appoint Nautic Africa to represent its range of 13 water-jet models, matching engines up to 4 000kW. Doen water-jets are used by 25 government agencies throughout the world, including the US Navy, which has in excess of 300 units in operation.”

James Fisher, Nautic’s CEO, says: “The agreement allows Nautic to install state-of-the-art water-jet systems at competitive pricing for its customers as well as provide technical support for Nautic and Doen’s product users in the territory.”

Michael Bakker, Nautic’s chief technical officer, comments: “Water-jet propulsion offers many advantages over conventional propeller propulsion, such as ‘plug and play’ installation, lower engine load factors, increased maneuverability, excellent safety, as well as the ability to operate in shallow waters without risk of damage. Water-jets are very well suited for high-speed naval applications, as well as for oil and gas off-shore vessels, particularly for operations such as firefighting, diving support and pollution control. Water-jet propulsion ensures excellent maneuverability, station-keeping and dynamic positioning – class 2 level. (Dynamic positioning is a computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel’s position and heading by using its own propellers and thrusters).

Nautic and Doen are currently in further discussion regarding the local South African manufacturer of certain water-jet key components, allowing Nautic to package water-jets in their vessels at more competitive pricing.

Nautic will be implementing the Doen water-jet option into the Guardian, Sentinel and Frontier ranges, and has undergone in-depth training by Doen to familiarise and become competent in the installation and support of the Doen products.