Nautic Africa launches OPS 241 crew and cargo vessel


Nautic Africa has proudly launched its third vessel in the fleet called OPS 241 – with an overall length of 24.6 metres, OPS 241 is the second largest vessel that was built in Simonstown by Nautic Africa, the largest being OPS 301, with an overall length of 30 metres and launched in January 2011.

OPS 241 is a unique custom design and serves as a high-speed militarised, utility/cargo vessel capable of reaching speeds up to 26 knots. Strategic parts of the vessel are ballistically protected against pirate small arms.

This vessel will be stationed at Port Harcourt and will be used for numerous purposes on the West coast of Africa, including patrol, cargo shipment and oilrig crew transfers.

Built from aluminium and powered by dual MTU engines and MJP water jets, this is a rugged multi-role vessel designed specifically with African conditions in mind.

The deck and superstructure have been custom built for the client’s operational needs. A double bridge was fitted, incorporating Nautic Africa’s proven, composite ballistic panels and ballistic glass for full 360° of NIJ III protection.

The aft console has been ergonomically arranged to provide a complete view of the cargo area on the aft deck, enabling the crew to safely load and unload cargo at sea. A VCS (Vector Control System) station was fitted on the aft console, allowing the captain to utilise the full potential of the highly manoeuvrable water jets when in close quarters with offshore structures.

The combined manoeuvrability and agility of the water jets, allows for a complete 360° cover. OPS 241 will be required to operate at sea for up to 28 days, refuelling at offshore oil platforms.

Thirteen berths are located below deck to accommodate crew, security and oil industry personnel.