Milkor diversifies with 4X4 APC


In the first significant release since it embarked on a product diversification strategy, SA defence company Milkor will unveil a prototype of a 4X4 armoured vehicle at the Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI) show in London next week.

The show is one of the world’s largest of its type and attracts visitors from across the globe.

In the nearly 40 years since its inception, Milkor has stuck to the manufacture of 40mm grenade launchers. It has supplied over 60 000 weapons to military and law enforcement agencies in more than 60 countries.

Over the next year, it plans to further diversify as a result of a strategic review last year.

The company has plans to begin manufacturing the armoured personnel carrier (APC), which is aimed primarily at African and developing country markets, early next year.

Apart from its military use as an armoured personnel carrier and command vehicle, the Milkor 4X4 could also be used by police and security forces in various functions, including anti-riot control and as an ambulance.

The company is saying little about the Milkor 4X4’s specifications, other than that it has a V-shaped hull for improved mine protection and a B7 level of ballistic protection. This level allows it to protect the crew against armour piercing rifle rounds. Milkor says it also plans to fit forms of protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

It can take eight passengers and two people up front. Various weapons systems will be offered for the vehicle, including a remote controlled weapon station with automatic grenade launchers.