Milkor delivering grenade launchers to SANDF


Milkor has won an Armscor contract to supply grenade launchers to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), and is busy delivering six-shot weapons to the army.

Deliveries of the 40mm SuperSix multi-shot grenade launcher have already begun, and are set to conclude by March 2019. In South African Army service, they will be called the Y4.

The weapons are compatible with both 40mm x 46mm low velocity and longer range 40mm x 51mm medium velocity rounds. Medium velocity rounds have a range of up to 800 metres in area fire mode. Stationary point targets can be hit at around 375 metres.

In addition to the weapons, Milkor is also supplying Trijicon optical sighting systems and Newcon Optik laser rangefinders: Armscor specified the delivery of 370 optical sights and 15 laser rangefinders.

Sigma Logistic Solutions is providing the logistical documentation and will ensure all manuals are to the SANDF’s specifications.

Armscor, in November 2017, issued a tender for 370 medium velocity 40mm grenade launchers and thousands of rounds of ammunition for the South African Army.

Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) was awarded the contract to supply the ammunition, which Armscor specified as being 1 458 rounds of 40mm medium velocity practice ammunition; 1 458 rounds of 40mm practice medium velocity ammunition; 1 458 rounds of 40mm high explosive medium velocity ammunition; 1 458 rounds of 40mm high explosive dual purpose medium velocity ammunition; 1 458 rounds of 40mm medium velocity smoke rounds; and 1 458 rounds of 40mm orange marker medium velocity ammunition.

RDM earlier this month said the order would be completed in 2019, but could include a follow-up contract.

Although now developing other products, including unmanned aerial vehicles, patrol boats and an armoured personnel carrier, grenade launcher production is Milkor’s bread and butter; it has supplied over 60 000 launchers to more than 60 countries over nearly 40 years.