New orders for Milkor


South African defence company Milkor is in the process of negotiating a $100 million deal with an undisclosed customer as it extensively markets its products around the world.

Currently showcasing its products at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, which opened on Sunday, Milkor says it has been travelling extensively to the Middle East to meet customer requests and has received numerous requests for information on their products from this region. Senior Marketing Manager Armand Bodenstein said the Middle East focus has paid off as Milkor is negotiating with an undisclosed customer over a $100 million deal for an unspecified product.

At IDEX Milkor is amongst others displaying a model of its new 8×8 armoured vehicle, which is currently under development. It features a novel propulsion system that sets it apart from other 8×8 vehicles on the market. The company has already developed a 4×4 vehicle and in the future may look at a 6×6.

Aside from marketing products directly to end users and responding to customer requirements, Milkor is attending most major international defence trade shows to exhibit its rapidly expanding product line, which now includes 40 mm grenade launchers, three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and a 12 metre fast patrol boat. A line of sniper rifles is also being developed and the company has a range of cyber solutions it offers.

Milkor gained much traction at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2018 exhibition outside Pretoria in September, where it was one of the biggest exhibitors. It chose AAD to launch its UAVs and 4×4 armoured vehicle – a mining company has bought the first 4×4 armoured personnel carrier for mineral transportation, while a second mining company has indicated their need for two of Milkor’s 4x4s. The 4×4 is being marketed at mainly Africa, but is also being promoted in Latin America – it will be taken to the SITDEF exhibition in Peru.

According to Milkor, there is lots of interest in the Latin America and African markets and the company has been getting requests for quotations. “This is great news from a South African Defence Industry perspective, Milkor is committed to not only re-establish the reputation of the industry but with their expansion brings both job creation and economic contributions in a time where both is much needed,” Milkor said.

Milkor has identified multiple markets where it will push its products. Some of the global defence trade shows it will attend include those in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Peru, Bahrain and the United Kingdom.

Written by Guy Martin/defenceWeb